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Higher Educational Aids Board Issues Warning
Regarding Paid Scholarship Search Companies

April 26, 2001

Madison - Executive Secretary Jane Hojan-Clark of the Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB) issued a warning today to the parents of high school students regarding companies that offer college financial aid information in return for a monetary fee.

This is the time of year when the parents of high school students receive many pieces of college related information. Some of the information is from companies that offer to find financial aid for a student if a monetary fee is paid to the company. Secretary Hojan-Clark urged parents to be wary when dealing with these companies. "Parents and students should be very careful in dealing with any company that asks for a fee in return for providing financial aid information. There is never a need to pay for this type of service. There are numerous sources of free information available to high school students and their parents" Executive Secretary Hojan-Clark said. "High school guidance counselors, college financial aid offices and selected websites on the Internet are all excellent places to research financial aid sources. Most importantly, they are available at no cost!"

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