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June 2013

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Final Voucher for 1213 — June 14, 2013

Because of the large amounts of refunds that we have received in the last few weeks we have extended the deadline a little longer. Please get your requests in as soon as possible.

Automated Refund Program

We have begun to work on automating the refund process. Initially we’re envisioning that you will enter the refunds via the secure socket layer – the same way that you request vouchering. Once the refund list has been verified we will process the check. We’re still working out the details of how this is going to work and in the next month we’ll have more information to provide to you.

Covenant Grant Program Update

Just a reminder to review your 12-13 notification lists to make sure that you have requested the covenant and foundation funds.

We have provided an Access spreadsheet to each school to verify satisfactory academic progress for all of the covenant students. We are anticipating that the awards for the 13-14 academic year will be on the next notification list unless we receive a delay in receiving the SAP reports from the schools.

Notification List 1213

Distributed Wednesday afternoons:

June 5, 12

Notification List 1314

Distributed Thursday afternoons:

June 6, 13, 20, 27

AES List

Distributed Thursdays:

June 6

Voucher Processing

Tuesdays and Fridays for files uploaded by noon.:

June 7, 14

Grants Updates – Committed and Spent as of 6/4/13

TG (W codes 06/28/2012) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 161.44% 157.13%
Spent 99.93% 99.01%
WHEG-TRIBAL (W codes 06/21/2012) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 197.26% 185.98%
Spent 99.14% 97.70%
WHEG-UW Current This Time Last Year
Committed 160.02% 156.50%
Spent 99.92% 99.99%
WHEG-WTC (W codes 5/7/12) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 187.86% 171.82%
Spent 98.91% 96.60%

Upcoming Events

Scheduled HEAB Board Meeting(s): August 2, 2013

Scheduled HEAB Training Date: July 18, 2013; September 19, 2013

Please contact me by phone at (608) 264-6181 or by email at john.reinemann [at] if you have any questions, concerns or comments. Thank you!

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