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October 2012

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SSN Discrepancies

Again, this year has brought an unprecedented number of Social Security Number (SSN) issues. The issue is caused by students [and parents] filing FAFSAs without proofreading before submitting their application. This has been further exacerbated by filing their FAFSA early and then submission of updates with incorrect SSN’s. This has resulted in a large number of records being over-written and awards lost or blocked.

If a SSN issue has been identified, a search of the Federal ISIR database must be conducted to find the most recent ISIR for that student. This requires a reload of the correct ISIR information with the correct SSN and then the record is locked.

If you become aware of a potential discrepancy, please send Barb Moermond an email through the secure socket layer and she will work with you to resolve it.

Part-Time Covenant Foundation Grant Voucher Requests

If you have a Covenant Foundation grant student that is attending only part–time, please contact Garth Beyer prior to requesting the grant for vouchering. Garth will need to make some adjustments to the record in order for the request to be processed. Once he receives your notification, he will adjust the record and the request will be processed. On the next notification list you will note that there will be a “P” listed under the field “Cov Doc Type”, this is the indicator that identifies the student as part-time. You’ll need to contact Garth again for second semester for those students that were part-time to let him know if their enrollment status has changed or remained the same. Please contact Garth at 608-267-9389 or garth.beyer [at]

Professional Judgments

A reminder that when Profession Judgments or dependency over-rides are applied to a student’s record, that EFC is specific to the school and will not show up on the notification list. Please verify that the award is correct and if not, please use the secure email to send the details to Barb Moermond so she can fix the problem.

1213 Grants Updates – Committed and Spent

TG (W codes 04/18/2012) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 139.87% 138.66%
Spent 41.15% 45.59%
WHEG-TRIBAL (W codes 05/01/2012) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 129.97% 120.92%
Spent 25.06% 40.56%
WHEG-UW Current This Time Last Year
Committed 149.81% 147.02%
Spent 50.32% 50.11%
WHEG-WTC (W codes 4/21/12,
Z codes 5/16/12)
Current This Time Last Year
Committed 157.24% 154.50%
Spent 47.71% 49.52%

1213 Notification List

Distributed Wednesday afternoons:

October 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31

November 7, 14, 21, and 28

1213 Voucher Processing

Tuesdays and Fridays for files uploaded by noon.:

There will be no voucher processed on the following day: Friday, November 23

1213 AES LISTS on the following WEDNESDAYS

October 3, 17, and 31

November 21

Upcoming Events

Scheduled HEAB Board Meeting: November 2, 2012


Scheduled HEAB Training Dates: November 15, 2012; January 17, 2013; March 21, 2013

Please contact John Reinemann by phone at (608) 267-2206 or by email at john.reinemann [at] if you have any questions, concerns or comments. Thank you!

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