Voucher Request Instructions

The Voucher Request Template is used by the college and university financial aid offices to submit requests for state student financial aid funds to HEAB for processing.

Download the Voucher Request Template:

Download the new instructions for creating and submitting a voucher request and using Secure HEAB:

Voucher Request Layout

This is the required file layout for voucher requests and can be used by your programmer to produce a simple text file for the bulk of your requests.

Position Description
1-3 HEAB School Code
4-15 Reserved for school use
16-24 Student Social Security Number
26-27 Disbursement Code
29 Term Code
44-47 Request Amount
50-79 Student Name


The finished Voucher Request in "PRN" text format should look like this:

100            123456789 10 2              1300  KIRK JAMES T
228            987654321 30 3              0966  PICARD JEAN LUC