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July 2001 Board Meeting Agenda         July 2001 Meeting Minutes

Other Issues


A. Higher Educational Aids Board Policy and Procedure Manual Update

Attached is a copy of a letter that was sent to Presidents or Chancellors and to Financial Aid Administrators in regards to the HEAB Policy and Procedure Manual that has been implemented. This was sent in lieu of a formal agreement. No school representatives have responded to indicate that their institution would not be able to fulfill the expectations outlined in the manual. HEAB continues to work with the Wisconsin Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and others to finalize language related to the "return of funds" which is to be implemented July 1, 2002.

May 2, 2001

Dear (President/Chancellor and Financial Aid Administrator):

The Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB) Policy and Procedure Manual is a document that was recently written to assist Wisconsin Financial Aid Administrators to effectively administer State Financial Aid Programs. It includes program descriptions and policies, processing procedures, school and student responsibilities, administrative rules, statutes, and more. This document, approved by the Board, includes policies and procedures that are to be followed starting with the 2001-02 academic year.

The manual is available in an electronic format on the HEAB website. The website address is http://heab.state.wi.us. It is expected that administrators at participating institutions will read and review all of the policies and procedures contained in the manual; understand the information contained in the manual; and be able to and agree to follow all the policies and procedures contained within the manual.

If your institution is not able to fulfill the expectations; if you are not able to access the manual on the HEAB website; or if you have any questions please contact me by phone at (608) 264-6181 or by e-mail at jane.hojan-clark@heab.state.wi.us.


Jane Hojan-Clark
Executive Secretary


B. Review of the Talent Incentive Program Grant Awarding Criteria and the Handicapped Student Grant Program Update

The following was presented to the Board October, 2000. A request for feedback on the following was also sent to UW System Administration, Tribal Colleges, WAICU, WASFAA State Issues Committee, WEOP, and WTC System Board:

A number of responses were received related to both of these issues. We plan to move ahead and develop recommended changes for each of these programs. Distance Learning was also an issue that was presented to the Board in October, 2000. Feedback received to date related to this issue indicates that a comprehensive evaluation must be made before a response can be written.


C. 31st Annual NASSGAP Survey Data Highlights

The 1999-2000 NASSGAP was published in April of 2001. Following are some highlights:




D. Federal Programs Status Report

This information will be provided on the day of the meeting, July 20, 2001.


July 2001 Board Meeting Agenda         July 2001 Meeting Minutes

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