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Meeting Minutes

July 30, 2004


Board Members Present: Steve Van Ess, Ann Neviaser, Mary Jo Green, Debra McKinney, Sandra Dercole, Luke Naegele, Dr. Betty Womack, and Mary Cuene via phone.

HEAB Staff Present: Connie Hutchison, John Whitt, Mary Lou Kuzdas, Sandy Thomas, Nancy Wilkison.

Others Present: Rolf Wegenke, WAICU; Tom Heffron, WTCSB; Kristen Hendrickson, UW System Administration; Sharon Wilhelm, UW System Administration; Kevin Ingram, DPI-WEOP; Leticia Smith-Evans, Office of the Governor; David Glisch-Sanchez, United Council.

Chairman Steve Van Ess called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.
Mary Cuene joined the meeting via phone at 9:05 a.m.

Steve announced that both he and Debra McKinney had been reappointed to the Board.

The motion was made by Debra McKinney to approve the minutes of the March 24, 2004 tele-conference and was seconded by Luke Naegele. The minutes were approved. Ann Neviaser moved to approve the minutes of the February 27, 2004 Board meeting and it was seconded by Sandra Dercole. The minutes were approved.

Chairman Van Ess took a moment to welcome new member, Dr. Betty Womack.

Executive Secretary Connie Hutchison updated the Board on the progress made on office computer processes. Staff is in the process of combining the notification list and the three error reports into one report. We plan to convert to a secure socket layer system that will allow schools to retrieve their data as needed. Additionally, conversion of the reciprocity application from a download-and-mail to an online process is ongoing.

Since the last board meeting, HEAB has sent out two press releases to Wisconsin media. The first was announcing that the Minnesota-Wisconsin Interstate Tuition Reciprocity Program had again been approved by the Joint Committee on Finance for the upcoming school year. The second press release announced that the Academic Excellence Scholars for the 2004 had been designated.

This year's High School Guidance Counselor Workshops will again be held at different sites around the state. This year they will be held a month earlier so they will not conflict with testing scheduled for the same time period. HEAB sponsors these workshops with WASFAA and Great Lakes.

Connie updated the Board on the biennial budget request that our office will be submitting to the Governor's office on September 15th. The Board will meet Friday, August 27, 2004 to discuss the budget request and make recommendations for a secondary request. Information about current status of programs, along with input from the various sectors will be sent to Board members prior to that meeting; time and place to be announced.

Ann Neviaser asked if our budget would be affected by a Bill before Congress to allow undocumented citizens to pay in-state tuition. The concern was how states, Wisconsin in particular, would deal with this Federal interpretation in regard to state residency and state aid. Connie said she would look into it further and present an update at the next meeting.

BOARD REPORT #05-01 Minnesota-Wisconsin Reciprocity Program Approved Administrative Memorandum of Understanding
Annually the Joint Committee on Finance reviews the Administrative Memorandum for the Minnesota-Wisconsin Interstate Tuition Reciprocity Program. Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as the Joint Finance Committee have approved the memorandum presented. The basic agreement remains the same.

BOARD REPORT #05-02 Status of 2003-04 and 2004-05 Applicants and Programs
In 2003-04 WHEG-UW has committed 130.58% ($38,390,657) of its appropriation with 27,360 awards. This is 2,869 more awards and 5.21% less committed than at this time last year. Note that "W" and "Z" codes have been implemented due to an increase in eligible applicants. The final commitment for 2002-03 was 135.88%. WHEG-WTC has committed 166.82% ($24,812,457) of its appropriation with 28,908 awards. This is 409 more awards and 3.06% less committed than at this time last year. The "W" and "Z" codes were used, again due to a dramatic increase in eligible applicants. The final commitment for 2002-03 was 169.97%. WTG has committed 98.15% ($21,031,129) of its appropriation with 9,902 awards. This is 2,190 less awards and 18.58% less committed than at this time last year. The final commitment for 2002-03 was 116.73%. The number of applicants through June 15, 2004, for the 2003-04 academic year was 225,513.

In the current academic year WHEG-UW has committed 93.32% ($31,532,055) of its appropriation with 22,642 awards. This is 2,331 more awards and .18% less committed than at this time last year. Note: the committed figures reflect the obligations from the 2004-05 auxiliary enterprise funds. WHEG-WTC has committed 111.95% ($16,650,805) of its appropriation with 22,239 awards. This is 27 fewer awards and 16.94% less committed than at this time last year. WTG has committed 108.28% ($23,933,158) of its appropriation with 10,151 awards. This is 553 less awards and 5.88% less committed than at this time last year. The number of applicants for 2004-05, through July 13, 2004 is 164,415. Last year at this time there were 159,471 applicants.

BOARD REPORT #05-03 Review of 2004-05 WHEG-UW Program Formulas
No written report was distributed. While preliminary data indicated that a review of the 04-05 WHEG-UW formula might be in order, year-end data revealed that the approved formula should meet its intended goals. Committed figures from June 2003 are almost identical to those from June 2004, indicating that all funds for the 04-05 WHEG-UW grants will be expended. No action was necessary.

Ten minute break.


The 34th Annual Survey Report on State-Sponsored Student Financial Aid from NASSGAP was handed out and a few highlights were noted by Connie and Steve.

Elections were held for the three Board officer positions, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary. Steve Van Ess opened the floor to nominations for Chairman. Sandra Dercole nominated Steve and the nomination was seconded by Debra McKinney. Ann Neviaser moved that nominations be closed and Steve be elected by unanimous consent. Motion carried.

Nominations for the position of Vice-Chairman were taken. Debra McKinney nominated current Vice-Chairman, Ann Neviaser and it was seconded by Sandra Dercole. With no other nominations Ann was unanimously voted to remain in the position.

Nominations for Secretary were accepted. Ann Neviaser nominated current Secretary Mary Jo Green and the nomination was seconded by Dr. Betty Womack. She was unanimously voted to retain the position.


Dates were chosen for the next four regular Board meetings. They are as follows: October 15, 2004; February 18, 2005; April 22, 2005; and July 29, 2005. A special meeting will be held August 27 at 9:00 a.m. to review biennial budget recommendations; location to be announced. A phone conference line will also be made available for Board members.

Sandra Dercole moved to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by Luke Naegele and the meeting was adjourned.

New members of the Board and interested gallery members were invited to stay for a brief introduction to the financial aid processes used by HEAB and financial aid administrators.


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