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July 2003 Board Meeting Agenda         Board Reports Index

Tele-Conference Meeting Minutes

March 25, 2003


Board Members Present: Steve Van Ess, Linda A. Cross, Sandra Dercole, Mary Jo Green, Andre M. Jacque, Debra E. McKinney, and Ann Neviaser

HEAB Staff Present: Jane Hojan-Clark and Sandy Thomas

Others Present: Tom Heffron, WTCSB

Vice-Chair Van Ess called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

Four formula simulation options were presented for Board consideration. Jane noted that simulation #4 would probably block new 0304 awards in August, 2003 and believed simulation #3 would likely meet the targeted over commit percentage. Andre Jacque moved to accept simulation #3 and Sandy Dercole seconded the motion.

Mary Jo Green, Mid-state Technical College and Tom Heffron, WTSCB joined the teleconference. Mary Jo Green said she supported simulation #4. The WHEG-WTC work group had a split vote, 2 for simulation #3 and 2 for simulation #4. Tom explained the WTCS Board did not want an award less than $1000 and the goal was to have a WHEG award that met 20% of the student budget. Jane expressed concern that the later applicants and many of the neediest students would not be eligible for WHEG-WTC grants if students are waitlisted in August, 2003. She also recognized the value of a meaningful award but recommended simulation #3. Five voted in favor of the motion and two opposed.

Sandra, Ann and the other Board members expressed thanks to Jane for all her help. The members also thanked the entire HEAB staff for all of their work.

A moment of silence was requested to remember those who were captured or have died in the war with Iraq.

Vice-Chair Van Ess adjourned the meeting.


Prepared by Sandy Thomas


July 2003 Board Meeting Agenda         Board Reports Index

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