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Meeting Minutes
February 24, 2006

Board Members Present: Mary Jo Green, Debra McKinney, Kevin Ingram, Thomas Shields, Elizabeth Tucker, Dr. Betty Womack, Vickie Young, Dr. Verna Fowler, Ann Neviaser via phone, and Mary Cuene via phone.

HEAB Staff Present: Connie Hutchison, Sherrie Nelson, John Whitt, Mary Lou Kuzdas, Cassie Weisensel.

Others Present: Paul Nelson, WAICU; Sharon Wilhelm, UW System Administration; Margaret Zitzer, Marquette University; Dan Goyette, Marquette University; Tom Heffron, WTCS.

Chair Mary Jo Green called the meeting to order at 9:04 a.m.

Moved by Ann Neviaser, seconded by Kevin Ingram to approve the minutes of the October 14, 2005 Board Meeting.

Update on Legislation: WHEG Maximum Legislation, which is a bill to increase WHEG to $3000 from $2500, has passed both houses and is waiting to be signed by Governor Doyle. The AES - Vocational Technical Diploma bill, which extends AES eligibility for a scholar enrolled in a two-year, full-time vocational diploma program approved and designed by the WTCS Board, has also passed both houses and is waiting to be signed by Governor Doyle. The AES - Alternate Selection bill has stalled.

HEAB Staff Changes: Connie Hutchison announced that Cassie Weisensel has been hired to permanently fill the Office Operations Associate position vacated by Nancy Wilkison.

HEAB Procedural Changes: HEAB is currently in the test phase of electronically depositing the voucher checks and will hopefully be able to go ahead with electronically transferring the funds in the near future.

HEAB is only weeks away from having the capability to email the status of a students' reciprocity application to them instead of mailing them a letter. This will reduce the turn-around time from around a couple of weeks to a couple of days, and will save staff time and resources.

System Rewrite: The HEAB computer system will be re-written and the agency is in the process of gathering information and input from both staff members and from staff at other financial aid offices around the state. Timeline for re-write is two years.

Other: College Goal Sunday took place on February 12th, 2006 and went well. Smaller numbers were reported than hoped for and it was determined that more advertising was needed prior to the event.

Connie thanked the HEAB staff and financial aid professionals around the state for being so great to work with and doing a wonderful job. Liz Tucker also thanked the HEAB staff for the work they do and commented that the communication coming out of HEAB was great.

BOARD REPORT #06-11 2006-2007 WHEG and WTG Program Formulas
The WHEG and WTG program formulas were presented for Board consideration. The general structure of the WHEG formula is outlined in the State statutes. However, the components may be adjusted to incorporate changes in the cost of education, the Federal Methodology (which determines the Expected Family Contribution) and the number of applicants (which relates to the number of students who enroll and the available funding).

Wisconsin Tuition Grant
Recommendation of WAICU (Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities) President Dr. Rolf Wegenke: Increase the maximum award from $2850 to $2900; increase the minimum award from $500 to $750. Connie Hutchison concurred with the recommendation.

Moved by Ann Neviaser, seconded by Betty Womack, to accept the recommendation as written. The motion passed unanimously.

Wisconsin Higher Education Grant -UW
On February 23, 2006, the UW System WHEG Advisory Group met to reconsider the 2006-2007 formula recommendation the group had previously submitted to President Kevin Reilly. After the meeting, the Advisory Group decided to change their recommendation and therefore was unable to get the new recommendation to President Reilly before the Board Meeting. The Executive Secretary's recommendation is the 2006-2007 proposal adopted by the Advisory Group on February 23, 2006 which has been submitted to President Reilly, and includes provisions based on this forthcoming recommendation. The recommended formula is:

Moved by Tom Shields seconded by Liz Tucker, to accept the recommendation as written. The motion passed unanimously.

Formula recommendation from College of Menominee Nation President Verna Fowler, PhD: (There was no recommendation from the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College.)

Connie Hutchison concurred with the recommendation.

Moved by Deb McKinney, seconded by Tom Shields, to accept the recommendation. The motion passed unanimously.

Recommendation of the Wisconsin Technical College System President Dan Clancy, concurred by Connie Hutchison:

Moved by Mary Cuene, seconded by Kevin Ingram, to accept this recommendation. The motion passed unanimously.

Connie introduced two current printed bills that have been introduced in this legislative session.

Assembly Bill 387: This bill extends eligibility for a nursing student loan to persons enrolled in programs in this state that confer master's degrees in nursing and extends the loan forgiveness requirements under the loan program to loan recipients who are employed full time in this state as nurse educators.

By consensus, the board agreed to take no position on the bill.

Assembly Bill 877: This bill, beginning with pupils who are high school seniors in the 2009-2010 school year, limits eligibility for a higher education scholarship to pupils who have earned, or who by the time of graduation are expected to have earned, at least four credits of mathematics and four credits of science.

By consensus, the board agreed to take no position on the bill.

10 minute break.

The tuition reciprocity program is not a revenue generating program for either state. In 2004-05 there was a slight decrease in the number of students studying in Wisconsin and an increase of over 350 students studying in Minnesota. The amount paid to the state of Minnesota was $6,514,759. Additional tuition paid by Minnesota students and remitted to the General Fund was $8,204,476.

During the fiscal year 2005, WHEAL borrowers paid HEAB a total of $158,617.84. Of this amount $126,573.46 was for principal and $32,044.05 was for interest. As of December 31, 2005 there were 17 people currently still in repayment. In the 2005-2007 Biennial Budget, the position authority and expenses for the position were eliminated from the HEAB budget, and the responsibilities for continued collection on this loan were absorbed by the remaining HEAB staff.

Each year HEAB goes out to the aid community with a survey to collect information about need based and non-need based student financial aid for Wisconsin resident undergraduates. The colleges and universities within the four different Wisconsin Higher Education Sectors provided the majority of the information reflected in this report. The four sectors of colleges and universities include the Independent Colleges and Universities, the Tribal Colleges, the University of Wisconsin System, and the Wisconsin Technical College System. The majority of the cost of education is met by assistance that is based on financial need. The majority of need based and non-need based assistance combined is funded by federal loan assistance.

In 2005-06, WHEG-UW has committed 135.34% ($54,787,989) of its appropriation with 29,102 awards. This is 1,728 fewer awards and 6.17% more committed than at this time last year. In 2004-05 the program had committed 129.17% of its appropriation at this time. WHEG-WTC has committed 170.71% ($26,915,574) of its appropriation with 34,005 awards. This is 724 more awards and .62% less committed than at this time last year. In 2004-05 the program has committed 171.33% of its appropriation at this time. WTG has committed 108.57% ($25,437,243) of its appropriation with 10,221 awards. This is 227 less awards and 6.15% more committed than at this time last year. In 2004-05 the program had committed 102.42% of its appropriation at this time. The number of applicants through February 10, 2006, for the 2005-06 academic year was 239,188. That number last year at this time was 229,808. Applicants in 2004-05 totaled 236,786.

Ann Neviaser signed off the conference call at 11:20am.

A suggestion was made to include Tribal College data in the Status of Applicants and Programs data.

Connie informed the Board that the next Board Meeting is scheduled at the same time as the WASFAA conference. The meeting was re-scheduled for April 21st if a meeting is in fact needed, otherwise the meeting will be canceled.

Moved by Thomas Shields, seconded by Liz Tucker, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried and Chair Mary Jo Green adjourned the meeting at 11:30am.


Respectfully submitted by
Debra McKinney, Secretary

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