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Meeting Minutes
November 2, 2007

Board Members Present: Mary Jo Green, Debra McKinney, Elizabeth Tucker, Jessica Clark Justman, Alan Stager, all via phone.

HEAB Staff Present: Connie Hutchison, Sherrie Nelson, John Whitt, Mary Lou Kuzdas, Cassie Weisensel

Others Present: Paul Nelson, WAICU; Jacky Thomson, Alverno; Nicole Estes, Marquette University; Carla Smith-Lebeck, Marquette University; Sharon Wilhelm, UW System Administration via phone; Kristofer Frederick, UW System Administration.

Chair Mary Jo Green called the meeting to order at 9:03 a.m.

There was not a quorum of board members present at the meeting so meeting minutes will be approved in February 2008.

Biennial Budget Update:
HEAB did very well in terms of getting financial aid in the budget. WHEG-UW has an appropriation of $50,000,000 in FY08 and $55,000,000 in FY09, WHEG-Tech has an appropriation of $17,130,200 in FY08 and $17,548,000 in FY09, WHEG-Tribal has an appropriation of $414,000 in FY08 and $424,000 in FY09, Tuition Grant has an appropriation of $25,456,600 in FY08 and $26,077,500 in FY09. The Veterans' Tuition Remission program was also created as a HEAB administered program and given an appropriation of $5,013,700 in FY08 and $6,562,300 in FY09. Minority Undergraduate Retention Grant was increased by $19,000 in FY08 for an appropriation of $775,900 and increased by another $19,000 in FY09 for an appropriation of $794,900. HEAB was also provided with funding to restore a .64 position that was lost in the 0507 biennial budget.

Aid for Incarcerated Citizens: An employee of a mental health hospital specifically for patients who are repeat sex offender notified HEAB that some incarcerated patients were receiving financial aid that far exceeded their actual need. Apparently, patients had not indicated that their room and board is already covered by the state because of their mandatory incarceration. Connie has been working with a group of financial aid professionals, Mary Jo Greene, Deb McKinney, Liz Tucker and Marilyn Krump to develop a policy to help schools gather all information needed to determine accurate financial need for these citizens. This group plans to bring something to the February meeting.

Representative Nass Complaint: Representative Stephen Nass asked both Executive Secretary Hutchison and Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen to investigate whether or not student rights had been violated when UW campus staff asked students on the UW-WHEG wait list if they would voluntarily agree to speak publicly about their financial aid status. Connie completed an investigation into this matter and determined that the schools followed proper protocol when contacting students. Connie also indicated that HEAB would abide by the decisions made by Attorney General Van Hollen. The Attorney General found that this was a federal matter and no state laws were violated. The request from Rep. Nass to the Attorney General and the response from Attorney General Van Hollen are included with this document as part of the minutes.

AES ADMINISTRATION PROCEDURES COMPLAINT: Mary Jo talked about a letter all board members had received from a Mr. Breuer concerning his daughter's Academic Excellence Scholarship. Mary Jo and Connie shared with the Board their written responses to Mr. Breuer and the members concurred that the letters by Connie and Mary Jo addressed Breuer's concerns.

The 1999-01 Budget Bill required HEAB to begin annual reporting on the effectiveness of the Minority Undergraduate Retention Grant. The last annual report noted that among student recipients surveyed, 89.62 percent indicated that the grant positively affected their decision to return to or stay in school. 79.41 percent of the respondents either have earned a degree or certificate or continue to work towards obtaining a degree/certificate. In addition, over 91.51 percent of the recipients plan on living and working in Wisconsin after graduating. As those numbers are approximately what they were the year before, we continue to believe that this program is very effective.

The Board discussed the report.

In 2007-08, WHEG-UW has committed 125.60% ($68,801,195) of its appropriation with 29,516 awards. This is 858 more awards and 4.60% less committed than at this time last year. WHEG-WTC has committed 162.28% ($27,798,846) of its appropriation with 32,373 awards. This is 540 more awards and .04% more committed than at this time last year. WTG has committed 103.82% ($26,428,119) of its appropriation with 9,604 awards. This is 2,112 more awards and 16.56% more committed than at this time last year. WHEG-TRIBAL has committed 130.99% ($529,218) of its appropriation with 326 awards. This is 89 more awards and 36.00% more committed than at this time last year. The number of applicants through October 30, 2007, for the 2007-08 academic year was 232,973. That number last year at this time was 226,742. Applicants in 2006-07 totaled 254,376.

The members of the board consented that the Board meeting schedule for August 1, 2008 would be switched to August 8, 2008. This provides time for all sectors to submit their recommendation for the 2009-2011 Biennial Budget request.

Moved by Liz Tucker, seconded by Debra McKinney, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried and Chair Mary Jo Green adjourned the meeting at 10:10am.


Respectfully submitted by
Debra McKinney, Secretary

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