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February 2003 Board Meeting Agenda         Board Reports Index

Tele-Conference Meeting Minutes

November 20, 2002


Board Members Present: Steve Van Ess, Sandy Dercole, Gregory Gracz, Andre Jacque, Debra McKinney, and Ann Neviaser.

HEAB Staff Present: Jane Hojan-Clark.

Vice-Chair Van Ess called the meeting to order at 12:35AM.

The motion was made by Gregory Gracz to approve the minutes of the August 2, 2002 meeting and was seconded by Ann Neviaser. The minutes were approved.

BOARD REPORT #03-06 Talent Incentive Program Recommended Changes
Ann Neviaser moved that Recommendation I be approved. Debra McKinney offered an amendment to the motion to approve all the recommendations included in Report #03-06. The amended motion was passed unanimously.

Ann Neviaser moved to adjourn and was seconded by Sandra Dercole. Vice-Chair Van Ess adjourned the meeting.


February 2003 Board Meeting Agenda        Board Reports Index

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